We Can Help

Emergencies are treated within 24 hours whenever possible. Please tell the receptionist if you are in pain. During office hours call 713-526-8989. After office hours, contact Dr. Feagin's cell phone: 713-248-4464 (this number is not answered during office hours).

We will try to get you in right away.


Many people experience stress in the dental office.   We have several forms of sedation to make your visit more tolerable and even pleasant.

Nitrous Oxide - Otherwise known as laughing gas, nitrous oxide is breathed in combination with pure oxygen while receiving anesthetic or during an entire appointment.   There are no groggy aftereffects because the gas is replaced with pure oxygen and is breathed when the dental procedures have been completed. Xanax is an oral sedative that we will provide for patients who experience anxiousness at the dental office.  

Preventative Measures

Bite Guards and Night Guards

Most people are under stress and tend to clinch and grind their teeth.   As a result many require the fabrication of a bite guard to prevent damage to their teeth and jaws.   A bite guard will preserve your teeth, the height and size of them and will enable your jaw to relax and stay healthy.  

Without a bite guard, people usually wear down their teeth and even fracture them.   This creates an unhealthy situation for your teeth and supporting structures. The jaw's muscle shortens, due to being overworked and can cause pain.

In extreme situations a patient's teeth do not align where it is comfortable for their jaw and unconsciously attempts to correct their bite naturally.   This may require wearing a bite guard 24 hours a day until full mouth restoration can be completed with orthodontics.