Restorations for decayed, fractured, broken or otherwise compromised teeth.


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Tooth Colored Restorations (Fillings)
and Crowns

Tooth Colored Restoration (New Fillings)

Tooth colored restorations are both aesthetic and functional. Restorations are mechanically as well as chemically bonded to the tooth structure, (specifically the dentin tubules).   After the decay and all old fillings are removed from the tooth, the tooth surface is prepared with an acid etching followed by a primer and bonding layer.   Composite (TCR) is laid down in layers.  

The material is U. V. light cured to hardness and then trimmed, finished and polished.

The wear time of these fillings is determined by the size of the fillings, the care given to the mouth by the patient, and whether the patient clinches and grinds. These fillings can last up to 10 years. Many colors are available to match your teeth.

All porcelain crowns provide a more natural look.


The purpose of a crown is to give strength to a fractured or compromised tooth.

There are various kinds of crowns such as porcelain fuse to metal, all porcelain crown, porcelain with the fiber core which also blocks our colored teeth and Zirconia crowns.