Replacing missing teeth is not only cosmetic but will keep your teeth straighter with less shift occuring in your bite.


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Partials, Dentures and Implants - Fixing Missing Teeth

Crowns and Fixed Bridge

This is one solution to restore one or two missing teeth. It consists of three to five crowns soldered together to fill in the hole left by a missing tooth and to restore the occlusion back to normal. Another purpose is to prevent shifting of teeth and collapsing of occlusion (or bite). The bridge is fixed onto the prepared teeth adjacent to the missing tooth. It becomes a" fixed" part of your dentition and is not removed. Taking care of your Bridge requires flossing underneath it.

Example before and after of crowns and fixed bridge to replace a missing tooth.


This is a solution where an implant - usually made of titanium - is placed in the jawbone to simulate a tooth root. After integration, (where the bone grows in and around the implant), the implant can be restored with an abutment and crown to make a new tooth.   This is not an immediate solution, but by industry standards this is the very best solution.

Removable / Partial Dentures

This is a solution to replace a number of teeth, relatively inexpensively, with a removable, plastic and/or metal restoration.   The partial dentures are removed every day for cleaning.   They are attached to the teeth by either metal clasps or flexible plastic clasps that match your gums.   This is the least desirable but can functions as a temporary solution while implants are integrating.

Full Dentures

-- standard -- implant support