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At Houston Dental Solutions, we believe in stability. Whether it is in the quality of the work that we perform, or simply being available when you need us. It’s a little like going out to start your car in the morning—you get in, turn the key, expect it to start, and hopefully it does. And better yet, it’s still in the same place you left it last night. Stability. Reliability. When you need us, we’re here. In the same place—and the same faces—you saw before.

At HDS, it’s a good bet no one will ever call you “dude”. And we may not know about the most current internet meme. But we have the latest in dental health technology, coupled with decades of experience, and we care about your well-being. And, you’ll know where to find us.

Houston Dental Solutions

Meet Your Doctor

Houston Dental Solutions

Meet Your Doctor


Under Dr Feagin’s care, I went from being anxious and fearful to calm and trusting in her chair. Her careful and gentle attention to detail gives me the confidence that my dental work is done properly and with minimal discomfort. She is the Best!

Meeting Dr. Susannah Feagin in 2007 was a life changing experience for me and I’m truly grateful for everything She & her entire staff have done for me over the years. Dr. Feagin’s passion for continued better health, experience, manners with patients & evolving use of new technologies keep her and the staff ahead of the game. While I was more concerned with having the brightest & whitest teeth, she educated me on how.

I have relied on Dr. Susannah Feagin for all my dental care since 1995 when she took over her Father’s practice. She is very thorough and professional in all that she does. Dr Feagin and her staff provide the very best care in a friendly and thoughtful manner. You can be confident in trusting all of your dental needs to Dr Feagin.

Dental Insurance

Dental Insurance benefits are there to provide you with help financially to get your dental needs met.  It is not there to take care of all your dental needs especially if those dental needs have been neglected for some time.

We will be happy to complete any dental forms that need to be provided to your insurance company and to follow up. We will make every effort to secure your benefits from your insurance company. We cannot guarantee that the insurance company will benefit you or pay for your work done and ultimately you are responsible for charges incurred.


We Can Help

Emergencies are treated within 24 hours whenever possible. Please tell the receptionist if you are in pain.

During office hours call

After office hours, if you are an established patient and have seen Dr. Feagin within the year, contact Dr. Feagin’s cell phone: 713-248-4464 *

*This number is not answered during office hours.

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